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About Us

... a prudent approach

We specialise in advice on blue chip equities, fixed interest bonds and collective investment funds but our stockbrokers are always happy to discuss in person any particular investment issues or ideas clients may wish to explore. Central to our investment approach is the belief in capital preservation and the importance of dividend income to longer term investor returns.

For those who would like exposure to global markets or thematic sectors, or for clients with a general preference for pooled investments, we research a wide range of collective investment funds covering both active and passive strategies. These include investment trusts, unit trusts, open-ended investment companies and exchange traded funds.

Being independent of any fund manager or financial institution and not running any in-house funds you can be reassured that our preferred investments have been selected for their individual merits, especially a consistent track record of investment performance.

Traditional doesn’t have to mean out-dated and we understand how important your financial security is and seek to provide recommendations or manage your wealth in a measured and risk averse manner.

As an independent provider of both advisory and discretionary services we select and manage investments from across a wide range of opportunities but as we do not advise on all retail products, under the Financial Conduct Authority rules, we are defined as offering a “restricted” service.