Our privacy policy is intended to inform you how data collected from you by means of the website will be treated. If you have any questions about the data that we collect or how we use it please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

You may provide us with:

  • personal information when you register with us
  • subjects which are of interest to you so that we can supply you with appropriate information

We will only send you information if you specifically request it when you register. We do not pass any of our client’s data to other commercial companies under any circumstances.

Data Protection

You agree that the information which we hold about you can be kept on computer and/or in paper files for the express purpose of providing you with investment services. This information will be treated in the utmost confidence but it might have to be disclosed to our Regulator or to a Court of Law if required. You will enjoy the rights afforded by the Data Protection Act 1998. You have a right of access to this information at all times, or copies if that would protect other clients’ confidentiality.

Keeping Your Data Secure

We have procedures and systems in place within Farley & Thompson to ensure that we comply with the industry regulatory framework in looking after your data and our staff are trained to operate the systems and procedures properly. We employ a range of security measures to make our online services and your communication with the website secure, you can read about them on the Online Security page.

Third Party Websites

We have included links to websites that we consider may be helpful to you. We are not responsible for the content or management of these websites, if you have any issues that you would like to raise about any of them, please contact the website owner.

Changes to Personal Information

If your personal details change in any way you can contact us so that we can make the necessary amendments to our records. We may ask you to put this in writing or provide further documentary evidence.