… we offer an independent ear and an opportunity to discuss your affairs in confidence

If you are happy to administer your own investments, you have the opportunity through Farley & Thompson to buy and sell UK quoted stocks and shares in real time. While totally independent, as members of the London Stock Exchange we have direct electronic links with market makers. Consequently, if you wish, we will confirm the execution of your trade whilst you are on the telephone and the price at which you have dealt. You can be certain there is no conflict of interest as we neither take market positions nor benefit financially from those that do.

Farley & Thompson remains dedicated to the large number of clients who still prefer to retain share certificates whilst being mindful that the market continues to press forward with ever shorter settlement timescales. Clients wishing to carry out a certificated transaction should in the first instance refer to one of our brokers as it may not be possible to effect timely settlement without having the certificate and signed transfer form in the office ahead of the trade. Alternatively we may request that the stock is dematerialised into our nominee.

Our advisory dealing service means that you can discuss your particular ideas with us first, but that the final investment decision and responsibility for ongoing suitability is always yours. You may also consult us on particular events such as rights issues, tender offers and takeovers.

With your prior agreement we are happy to make specific recommendations to you in the light of your particular circumstances, investment objectives and level of risk. This is done on a stock by stock basis at the time of giving the advice rather than in the context of a formal managed portfolio.

With many in our industry turning away from providing advice, we believe there is an even greater need for independent stockbroking advice for clients who wish to retain control over their investments.