… a tax efficient wrapper

Farley & Thompson offer a Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA. All qualifying investment options are available including shares, fixed interest stocks, gilts and collective investment funds. For clients wishing to consolidate ISAs held with other managers, we are happy to accept transfers either in cash or in specie from other providers.

ISAs are considered to be efficient long term savings vehicles as investments within the ISA are free of all capital gains tax on disposals. This is effectively an additional “allowance” on top of your personal annual CGT exemption. Any income withdrawn is also not taxable and does not need to be declared on your self-assessment form.

The Flexible ISA facility permits the withdrawal and replacement of cash, subject to a minimum threshold, without the replacement counting towards the annual subscription. There are no such restrictions on other withdrawals of capital or income or on the transfer or closure of an account.

We also offer the opportunity for parents, grandparents or guardians to subscribe to a Junior ISA (JISA), the tax-free savings account for children which has replaced the Child Trust Fund. The main features of a JISA are:

  • All UK resident children under 18 are eligible
  • Children who have a Child Trust Fund must transfer it into the Junior ISA as part of the opening process
  • Each child is able to have one Cash and one Stocks & Shares account (two in total)
  • The account is owned by the child but administered by the registered controller. At 16 the child has the right to manage the account and at 18, the account will become a full ISA and the child has the right to withdraw the money

If you would like to discuss your options for ISA or JISA investments, please contact one of our brokers.