… supporting your independence

For clients making their own investment decisions but who do not wish to have the burden of maintaining paper shareholdings, we offer a comprehensive nominee service whereby all the administration regarding the shareholdings is dealt with by us. When a decision is required in respect of a corporate action you will be contacted and, should you wish it, we will offer advice.

Dividends on nominee holdings are received by us on your behalf and paid into a cash management account. You have a choice of how frequently you would like to receive this income or whether to reinvest it into your account.

You will receive a valuation of your holdings every six months and at the end of the financial year, we will provide schedules giving details of all transactions undertaken during the year. In addition, you will receive a composite tax voucher summarising income received.

It is not possible to receive individual company Reports & Accounts for stocks held in our nominee but these are now freely available on the investee company’s own website and we will be happy to help you locate the document.