Discretionary portfolio management

We will take the time to listen carefully to your needs and objectives

Is this service suitable for me?

You are willing to put your capital at risk
You are able to invest for five years or longer
You would like your investments to be managed for you
You are looking to invest a minimum of £50,000 in the funds service or £350,000 in the equity service
Farley & Thompson’s Discretionary Portfolio Management is a personalised service that enables our investment specialists to manage your portfolio on your behalf. It is suitable for a wide range of investors, from individuals and trusts to charity and pension accounts.

Our philosophy is very simple: we aim to deliver a straightforward service, free from complex investment products, which is easy for you to understand and monitor.

How does it work?

The service starts with an initial meeting, where we will get to understand your goals and priorities. When you sit down with one of our investment managers, they will help you to establish your attitude to investment risk and
capacity for loss. We will use this information to create an investment proposal and scheme of investment; we will then manage your portfolio in line with your financial aims, personal values and longer-term objectives.
The Discretionary Management service is designed to give you peace of mind over your investments, knowing that one of our experienced managers will be handling the day-to-day running of your portfolio for you. They will monitor your investments and make decisions about them on your behalf, freeing you from the administrative burden that comes with running a portfolio.

How will the funds be invested?

We will create a diversified portfolio that provides broad exposure to a range of investment opportunities, across different asset classes and global markets. We will tailor individual investments to meet your expectations and personal circumstances set within the asset allocation framework of the PIMFA Private Investor benchmark indices.
All securities managed under our Discretionary service will be held in our nominee. You can elect to receive a regular income from your investments, or ask us to reinvest the dividend and interest payments on your behalf.
Whether you are a first-time investor, an experienced market watcher, or simply looking for a new investment manager, we will be happy to review your options and find the best possible home for your funds.
Discretionary Management comes with a choice of two investment options:
Discretionary Equity service from £350,000 — comprised of individual UK shares, bonds and collective investment funds
Discretionary Funds service from £50,000 — comprised of active, passive and thematic collective investment funds
As part of the service, we will keep you in touch with the progress of your portfolio and the developments taking place on your account. You can also contact us at any time for updates.

What are the charges for this service?

We aim to be transparent about our charges so you will always know what the cost of the service will be. Discretionary Portfolio Management is a fee only service comprised of a tiered management fee and a custody charge. Although we do not charge any dealing commission, some transactions attract Stamp duty and PTM levy. For the full list of charges relating to this service, please contact us and ask for the Discretionary Portfolio Management Schedule of Charges. The below is a summary of the current fee structure.

Discretionary Equity Service

Investment Management Fee

0.75% on the first £500,000
0.6% on the next £500,000
0.4% on the next £1,000,000
0.25% on the balance
Custody Charge

0.25% on the value of the portfolio

Discretionary Funds Service

Investment Management Fee

0.75% on the first £350,000
0.6% on the next £350,000
0.4% on the balance
Custody Charge

0.25% on the value of the portfolio
The management fee and custody charge is calculated on the mid-market value of portfolios monthly in arrears and debited to your capital account with VAT added where applicable

Key Facts

For investors who want their portfolio to be managed by a specialist
Day-to-day administration and investment decisions made on your behalf
Six-monthly valuation and performance summary
Regular progress updates and analysis of the wider market
Income and capital withdrawals at any time
Simple fee-only structure
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